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Released in April 2016:


The Occupational Outlook Handbook is the most widely respected and used career reference available—and only JIST Publishing's version includes useful bonus content that I developed. One bonus feature is the Personality-Career Quiz, which matches readers to specific OOH jobs. The quiz is based on the six RIASEC personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. Another bonus section, How Educators, Counselors, Librarians, and Business Professionals Can Best Use the OOH, is also included.

Released in summer of 2015:


Understanding your direction, your personality type, and your strongest skills will help guide you in making that all important decision for a college major. Choose Your College Major in A Day will help you determine your personality type by administering an assessment that identifies majors for each type of personality. Included in this book is a checklist of skills to help you understand your strengths and a checklist of common high school courses to identify your favorites. It helps you locate the majors that dominate the list by asking you to make a top five list. Each major is defined with a description of how it relates to high school courses, specializations, a list of common course requirements, a typical career path, a list of related occupations, personality type skill, and economic information for related occupations.

Released in winter of 2015:


Case interviews are a crucial part of the hiring process in the consulting industry. Designed to test an applicant's knowledge of business and financial models, their ability to think fast, and sometimes even how well they work as part of a team, the case interview can be a grueling experience. The Vault Guide to the Case Interview, Eighth Edition is packed with information to help job-seekers prepare for these interviews. It provides an inside perspective on what recruiters and interviewers expect from candidates as well as the key business frameworks, sample cases, guesstimates, and brainteasers likely to come up in an interview. Included here are more than 50 sample case interviews, guesstimates, brainteasers, and other consulting interview cases as well as advice on questions to ask the interviewer.

Released in summer of 2015:


The Vault Guide to Finance Interviews, Ninth Edition is a must-have resource for anyone seeking a job with an investment bank, mutual fund, hedge fund, commercial bank, or other financial institution. This guide provides advice on preparing for interviews as well as in-depth sample questions and practice cases to help readers hone their understanding of key financial concepts. Corporate valuation, equities, bonds and interest rates, and mergers and acquisitions are only some of the areas covered here in detail and presented in sample interview questions and cases with easy-to-follow charts and frameworks. Acing technical and quantitative questions can make all the difference in whether or not you receive a job offer. This unique guide also includes advice on questions you should ask and can help you prepare for the even toughest finance interview.

Released in summer of 2014:


Are you planning for a future career that pays well? Use this informative book to get the facts you‘ll
need to make a good choice. Browse the 46 lists of high-paying occupations and see which job choices have the best pay, the best outlook, or are the best fit for your personality. Then explore further by digging into a gold mine of facts about each occupation and its specializations. Comparing the jobs, you‘ll get many valuable insights into which jobs have the best potential to satisfy you. Then follow the suggested steps for reaching a decision. The book covers 173 occupations with high pay and good outlook, plus 182 specializations within these occupations.

Released in spring of 2013:


Veterans face many challenges as they seek civilian jobs. This one-of-a-kind book—based on a survey representing 1.5 million recent veterans—helps today’s returning military find the best job matches for their training, interests, personality, gender, and more. With 46 best jobs lists and 150 detailed job descriptions, the book covers the best-paying and fastest-growing occupations held by recent veterans. Veterans can transition to these jobs mainly using the skills learned in military service; some occupations may require additional training or licensure, and this information is explained as well. Read sample pages at the JIST site.

Released in July 2012:


Based on an updated U.S. Census Bureau study of 170,000 college graduates, this handbook offers accurate and helpful information for choosing college majors or deciding what to do with a degree that’s already been earned. Now in its third edition, this best-selling title includes updated data, tables, and content describing more than 65 majors. New information and tables cover how closely related graduates’ jobs are to their major; reasons graduates work in jobs not related to their majors; the percentages of graduates in each major working in small, medium, and large organizations; the percentage of graduates in each major working in new businesses; and graduates’ levels of job satisfaction when compared to graduates of other majors.

Third edition, released in the summer of 2012:

Research indicates that connecting your personality to jobs is one of the most effective ways to achieve job satisfaction and career success. With the help of this best-selling title in JIST's Best Jobs series readers can identify their personality type and learn about the 50 best jobs that relate to it. First, readers complete a self-assessment to determine their personality type: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, or Conventional. Next, readers explore more than 150 best jobs lists that rank the best jobs for each personality type. Then readers will find 300 helpful job descriptions to help them learn more about the jobs that interest them.

ixth edition, released in the summer of 2012:


 With more than 100,000 copies in print, this best-seller has helped thousands discover the best career options through a unique and useful format. This book features the 500 jobs with the best pay, fastest growth, and most openings and presents more than 70 “best jobs” lists. The authors have taken massive data from the Department of Labor’s Occupational Information Network (O*NET) database and turned it into a helpful, interesting reference for job seekers, students, career changers, and others.

Second edition, released in February 2012:

This information-packed reference helps readers identify their skills and connect them to a wealth of promising jobs. After completing a self-assessment, readers will discover their top three career skills. They then can browse lists that feature the best jobs for each skill. These lists include eye-opening information such as the best-paying jobs, fastest-growing jobs, and best jobs based on education level. Next, readers can learn about the jobs that interest them through in-depth job descriptions. These summaries offer useful details about a job's earnings, growth, annual openings, work environment, education requirements, and more.

Released in December 2011:

The federal government has a projected 10 percent increase in employment through 2018 and offers good salaries, great benefits, job security, and flexible work schedules across the nation. Yet some federal jobs pay better and are expected to grow more than others. 

In addition to the 55 "best federal jobs" lists and 150 job descriptions, readers will learn why the federal process is unique, discover how to search and apply for jobs, and identify where jobs are located. In addition, 150 Best Federal Jobs discusses the pay systems for federal jobs, opportunities for veterans and job seekers with disabilities, and college majors that connect to federal jobs.

Released in September 2011:

Jobs with stability are in demand. More than ever, people want assurance that another recession, technological advances, or offshoring won't derail their careers.

150 Best Jobs for a Secure Future reveals which occupations are most likely to sustain such situations. Approximately 175 best jobs lists rank secure occupations according to earnings, growth, openings, education level, age, personality type, and more. Bonus lists reveal jobs that are highly sensitive to economic downturn and vulnerable to offshoring.